[Twisted-Python] on avoiding our policy: casual fixes branch

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Thu Mar 23 12:05:46 EST 2006

Right now, there are no exceptions to the rule of "make sure there's a ticket before you check any code in to trunk".

However, several people raised some concerns on IRC over the additional friction this adds for minor fixes (the change in question being spiv's doc correction of "the the").

It's worth noting that if branching is difficult for you, it is also perfectly acceptable to attach a patch to a ticket.  The important thing is that a ticket exist first, so that merging and reviewing can be done independently of committing, not that a branch actually be created in SVN.

For now, because defining "trivial" is so hard (what if your docstring fix has a typo which actually changes some code which breaks some tests?), and it is always too tempting to classify "just this one" branch as "trivial" because the author wants to merge it really fast and it's not _too_ long, the proposed solution is to have a shared "minor fixes" ticket and branch, which should be reviewed once a week or so, and merged en-masse.

To be clear: there are still *no exceptions* to this rule.  However, please feel free to file a general-purpose ticket for minor fixes and work with as many other developers checking into the branch for that ticket.

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