[Twisted-Python] ftp server

John Pote johnpote at jptechnical.co.uk
Tue Mar 21 20:20:46 EST 2006

Hi everyone.

I've just started looking at Twisted as I need an ftp server and 
possibly a TCP listener on an internet connected server.

I have the new 'Twisted' book which looks like it should get me going 
pretty quick.

But looking at the ......\twisted\protocols\ftp.py the following comment 
is found:-

An FTP protocol implementation
API stability: FTPClient is stable, FTP and FTPFactory (server) is 
As it is the server that I am interested in the 'unstable' comment is 
somewhat worrying. Any comments on this instability would be 
appreciated. i.e. is it particular situations that cause problems or are 
there general problems with the server that may occur doing simple 
things. The application is for continuous data gathering where 
continuity of the data is vital. (The data source streams data 
continuously, sending small amounts of data every few minutes. Source 
buffering can back up 1 or 2 hours worth of data but then it has to be 
uploaded or it's lost forever)

Also I do not want the uploaded file contents written directly to disk. 
I want to pass it to another python app/object to decode it, format it 
and finally append it to a file on disk. Could the Twisted ftp server 
allow such 'filtering'? The reason for doing this via ftp is the data 
source client is a GPRS modem that has ftp built in (but not http). The 
alternative is to do my own thing directly via TCP. Comments invited.

Thanks for any help you can give,

John Pote

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