[Twisted-Python] twisted.protocols.telnet or twisted.conch.telnet?

James Schend blakeyrat at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 21:32:31 EST 2006

Well, if this is a library that you expect people to actually be able
to use in production software, I hope that you take what I say under
some consideration.

One of the reasons to use a library, from my perspective, is that the
interfaces can remain constant while the internals can be patched to
ensure there are no bugs/security problems.  For instance, when libpng
had that buffer overflow last year, that single library was updated to
correct the problem without affecting the functioning of any of the
hundreds of programs that used it.  It would be nice if the same could
be done with Twisted but, as there is not currently a stable interface
to it, that is impossible.

I appreciate the work you put in to Twisted, but I'm sure I'm not the
only developer who feels this way about it.

At the bare minimum, you probably should deprecate an interface until
there's something stable to replace it with.  I wouldn't consider a
library with *no* stable interface whatsoever "well maintained,"

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