[Twisted-Python] twisted.protocols.telnet or twisted.conch.telnet?

James Schend blakeyrat at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 14:51:23 EST 2006

Heh, I was typing my reply about the website issue just as you were
typing that email.  Please, please, please fix that!  Not only is the
link's label the exact OPPOSITE as the content of the link, but all
the other links on that (and the other) pages just link to full-page
versions of "Undocumented."  There is no possible way I could have
known there was documentation hidden in there.  Please fix!

>To look at this problem another way, how would you feel if you started to use
>twisted.conch.telnet and found that it satisfied 90% of your
use-case, but that due to one
>critical oversight, you couldn't supply the remaining 10% yourself
but instead had to write
>your own telnet library from scratch, because we had given up the
freedom of making
>changes to twisted.conch.telnet?  That wouldn't be any more useful to
you than the
>current situation.

Well, at the moment, the 90% I need to know is "if there's a security
hole in the library, and my users are forced to update it, will my
code no longer work because the interfaces changed?"

I understand that there is no warranty, yadda yadda, and I understand
that it's a volunteer effort and open source yadda yadda, but what I
really *need* right now is the guarantee of stability.  If conch's
interface can change at any time (on servers that I may not control
and have no say over their installed software), it becomes impossible
for me to support my program and I'd be better off writing my own,
even if that is more code.

So for me, stability is the number one concern.  However, I can't
distribute the old version of the library because of the potential for
undiscovered security holes.  So we're back to "damned if I do, damned
if I don't."

Anyway, I'll keep looking.  Maybe there's another library out there
that implements what I need with a stable interface.  Thanks.

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