[Twisted-Python] Twisted Windows Suggestions

Moof moof at metamoof.net
Fri Mar 10 06:20:10 EST 2006

> 1. Running tac/tap files on windows is unnatural. Sure it's easy
> enough for a developer but it's not windows system administrator
> friendly. There are many ways to solve this, and I haven't thought
> about it long enough, but step 1 would just be associating tac and tap
> files with running python.exe twistd on them.
> 2. Installing tac/taps as services, seamlessly, without writing your
> own service code.

This is a slightly wider issue than just Windows, but seeing as I
develop on it, and it affects me, I'm vaguely lumping it here: twistd
needs better logfile handling. It appears to be incredibly difficult
to change the standard formatter, and I'm sick and tired fo "Romance
Standard Time" appearing all over my logfiles. Also, I see no way to
do anything meaningful like running a DailyLogFile instead of just a
normal stream. Windows file semantics are not the same as unix ones,
and one cannot run logrotate scripts on windows logs if the log files
are open by the logging application.

Running things in consoles is *not* the Windows way. Hell, the Windows
console sucks on so many levels it's unbelievable, so I'm tempted to
suggest setting up a default "windows console" for twistd which would
open up on the double-click of a .tap, .tac or whatever, that can be
minimised to the systray, and would allow you to do things like  shut
down the programme or "send sighup" in the defautl menus, maybe even
do it per service inside the application. It'd be even better if it
were controllable from within the .tac file, so the application
programmer can change things like the icon and add and remove menu
items. I'm happy to aid in the development of such a "console".

This is independently of being able to install it as a service, which
would, presumably, remove the need for such a GUI. I don't
administrate much in the way of windows machines, and certainly dont'
run much int he way of windows services, so I don't know what the
"windows way" is, as opposed to "my way" of doing services.

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