[Twisted-Python] beginner's question to OSCAR & twisted

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Sun Mar 5 14:06:20 EST 2006

Ok, twisted/docs/words/examples contains oscardemo which works well 

If you are interested I've written on the base of it an AIM <-> IRC 
(xchat) bridge.


Am Sonntag, 5. März 2006 18:42 schrieb Tobi Lewitt:
> Hello, my name is Tobi and i'm a student from germany.
> I have some experience with python, but i think i'm still bad at all.
> I have heard about twisted, and i am thinking for months to build an 
> own ICQ/OSCAR-bot, so i downloaded Twisted-Words and looked at this 
> OSCAR-file. but i dont know really what to do with it.
> I think it would already help me if you give me perhaps a hint how to 
> use twisted to connect with a ICQ-server, if i once know i think i 
> would be alble to understand the rest on my own.
> i hope my questions aren't too stubid for that list, tobi.
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