[Twisted-Python] Compressing PB communication

Tzahi Fadida Tzahi.ML at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 13:11:21 EDT 2006

Lets reset the discussion.
You have convinced me. I'll move all the complexity to the application level.
You are right about the scalability issue so i am inclined to agree with you.
The idea is this:
First, i will use pickled/jellied strings to send objects to the client, all 
the while, using Pagers. If the pickled/jellied string will be too large i 
will dump it to the disk so it won't be in memory.
The main reason i need to use pickle or jelly is that it is hard to know what 
will be the eventual size of a jellied/pickled object (so message<640kb)
and i can't use Pager on arbitrary objects.
I will portion the big objects using some kind of a series of updating tasks.
A bit of a headache though. this is on the application level, probably will 
need to be specified explicitly. However, i was going to do that anyway,
for after sending the initial huge message for synchronization purposes. 
Sending from client to server will have to be done very explicitly, for 
example, an act for transfering documents, act for sending files, act for
mass update for records, etc...
Another headache.

Is there a very very simple example for a client server using PBServerFactory
and ClientFactory and also uses a Pager to send a big string.

Tzahi Fadida
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