[Twisted-Python] Compressing PB communication

Tzahi Fadida Tzahi.ML at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 17:42:41 EDT 2006

I am interested in compressing the PB objects after serialization and 
unpacking when received at the other side.
I a using the pb.PBClientFactory() and ServerFactory from the documentation. 
Where is the most proper place to hack this?
What is possible?
I need to do this after the object becomes a string so i won't have to pickle
a string.
Is it possible to do something like factory.protocol.serialize=mySerialize
and in mySerialize i use the banana.encode function to encode the list of 
jelly myself and return there a new list that contains the now ziped and 
encoded value and let it go as it were.
This way i am not interfering with the jelly logic.

Tzahi Fadida
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