[Twisted-Python] Need words of wisdom regarding PB

Tzahi Fadida Tzahi.ML at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 08:39:49 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 28 June 2006 14:50, Paul G wrote:
> i implemented file transfer with an optional intermediate gzip stage using
> pb a long while ago. if you're dealing with fairly low latency, a single pb
> connection is fine; for higher latencies, you'll want to multiplex multiple
> pb connections (this has to do with tcp, not pb). with my quick hack, i was
> able to saturate a fast-e with virtually no significant cpu utilization -
> the disk io and the network were the bottlenecks.

I am also very much interested in compressing the underlying transfers using
PB. Where can we get the hack? :)
I am looking for something that is done after serialization so all features of 
jelly remains. I.e., just before transfer, compress the data. Preferably with 
some control, i.e., with each message i send i want to be able to say
if to compress and to what level of compression.

Currently i have to circumvent jelly by pickle and compress but i can only
do that when server sends to client since the client trusts the server. 
However the server does not trust the client and thus, cannot allow pickled 
objects to be unserialized.

maybe something like callRemoteCompressed...

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