[Twisted-Python] Need words of wisdom regarding PB

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>I have a problem to solve: I need to get files from one machine to
> another. I had thought about all the obvious solutions (and implemented
> some of them); for instance adding an FTP server to my Twisted services
> and using a client. I thought about doing the file transfer with XML-RPC
> and even SOAP. And I even thought of WebDav.
> I started reading about PB and thought it might be useful. I thought
> about building a "remote" class that simulates open and all its
> functions, like read, write, close, etc.
> The more I thought about it the more I thought it cool and the way to do
> it. That got me thinking that I must be missing something. I am curious
> about what you might think of this approach. Is there another better way?

i implemented file transfer with an optional intermediate gzip stage using 
pb a long while ago. if you're dealing with fairly low latency, a single pb 
connection is fine; for higher latencies, you'll want to multiplex multiple 
pb connections (this has to do with tcp, not pb). with my quick hack, i was 
able to saturate a fast-e with virtually no significant cpu utilization - 
the disk io and the network were the bottlenecks.


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