[Twisted-Python] Bay Area Twisted sprint.

David Reid dreid at dreid.org
Mon Jun 26 19:24:56 EDT 2006

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Hello there,
  I'm attempting to think about possibly organizing a Twisted sprint
(focus on closing bugs) in the San Francisco/Bay Area for mid to late
July.  I know there are quite a few Twisted committers who are in the
area and I've approached some of them to gather preliminary information
regarding availability and interest.  There are also some people in town
for the summer for various reasons who've expressed interest.  So this
is an open invitation to every on twisted-python and twisted-web who is
in the bay area (or willing to travel to the bay area) for a weekend
sprint.  I need a rough approximation of how many people will actually
be able to make it so that I can attempt to locate a place to hold the

  So if you're interested email me with your availability for the
weekends of the 15-16, 22-23, 29-30.  Basically I'll take the weekend
with the most available participants and start fishing around for a

  Alternatively if you would like to host the sprint at your large
private estate or successful corporate offices you can contact me as
well with your preference for any of the above dates and some details
about the facilities you can provide.  (Close proximity to a caffeine
dispensary and reliable unrestrictive internet access are a must.  Comfy
chairs a plus.)

- -David Reid

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"Usually the protocol is this: I appoint someone for a task,
which they are not qualified to do.  Then, they have to fight
a bear if they don't want to do it." -- Glyph Lefkowitz
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