[Twisted-Python] How to get at applications in a reactor?

David E. Konerding dekonerding at lbl.gov
Wed Jun 21 11:09:17 EDT 2006

Hi folks,.

I've set up a convenient telnet manhole into my application.  The 
application runs a web site serving up Static files
and some Resources.  What I want to do is telnet into the manhole and 
get access to the application object.
Unfortunately, the useful information is not bound to the local scope of 
the telnet manhole, so
I have to "stash" the application object when it is instantiated in some 
global place (such as sys._myapplication).

I'd much rather just be able to import a reactor and get at the Sites 
which have been added to it.  Browsing around
the reactor, however, hasn't been that illuminating, and none of the 
reference docs seem to point at some global
registry of added Sites/Applications, etc.


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