[Twisted-Python] Twisted and ZSI - any examples/words of wisdom?

Chaz. eprparadocs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 10:11:58 EDT 2006

Right now I support XML-RPC but people have clamored for SOAP, so SOAP
it is as well.

Personally I think sending stuff in ASCII text is silly, but it is out
there today as (a more or less) standard.


Thomas Jacob wrote:
>> That's because SOAP and company suck.  There is always, always, *always* a
>> better way to accomplish a task than using SOAP.  I've ranted about this
>> topic before in another thread, to no avail, and I doubt I'll change your
>> mind either, but someone needs to speak out against this nonsense.
> Curious, what would you use if you needed a general remote programming
> interface built using python, where you can simply upload new python
> codelets, that should be accessible not just from python but from any
> major Windows and Unix PL, where you need complex types, and where you
> wouldn't know what
> kind of tasks you'll be solving with it in a couple of years. 
> Corba? XML-RPC?
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