[Twisted-Python] Twisted-friendly Message bus

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Jun 19 07:43:45 EDT 2006

Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> On Fri, 16 Jun 2006 17:25:22 +0100, Phil Mayers 
> <p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk> wrote:
>> All,
>> I've run into "this service needs to know about this event from this 
>> other service" once too often. It's message bus time, baby.
> Could you clarify whether you mean message passing within a single process
> or message passing between different processes on the same host or message
> passing between multiple hosts?  Different responders in this thread seem
> to have assumed different things.

Yes sorry:

Message passing between different processes on different machines i.e. 
the hard one.

I am thinking something like Spread.

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