[Twisted-Python] Tracking twisted repository post 2.4.0?

David Bolen db3l at fitlinxx.com
Thu Jun 15 20:07:58 EDT 2006

We've got some locally maintained modifications to Twisted that prior
to 2.4.0 we were tracking by syncing our repository with the Twisted
trunk (as a vendor) at the overall official tags.

But with the tagging changes with 2.4.0 (and without a tag for the
overall trunk), I was wondering if there were suggestions on how to
adjust our setup.

I can understand why there is no single tag for the trunk, since an overall
"Sumo" release of twisted (and even the overall 2.4.0 concept) is really
a combination of different releases of the various subpackages, but I can't
figure out how to use the existing tags to track those pieces we are
interested in.

For example, we really use core and web, so I had thought I could just
export, for example, the twisted-core-2.4.0 and twisted-web-0.6.0 tags
from tags/releases, merge them together and call that our "vendor"
dump for 2.4.0.  But it would appear that the individual project tags
are still based on tags for the complete trunk, and thus contain all
trunk files as of when the subproject was tagged.  Thus, if I try to
use a checkout/export from twisted-web-0.6.0, then depending on when
it was tagged, it may overlay files that came from twisted-core-2.4.0
with different versions that aren't really part of core 2.4.0.

So how (at the subversion tag level) if at all can I isolate those
files from beneath the twisted-web-0.6.0 tag that only apply to
twisted-web, so that I can add them to the files from
twisted-core-2.4.0 to yield my simulated vendor dump?

Is anyone else tracking the repository (but not instant to instant at
the trunk, but rather at release points) and if so, how are you doing
it post 2.4.0?


-- David

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