[Twisted-Python] ANNOUNCE: Zenoss-0.20.1

Erik Dahl edahl at confmon.com
Thu Jun 15 18:50:11 EDT 2006

Version 0.20.1 of Zenoss is available for download.

This version fixes several issues, upgrades to Twisted-2.4 and adds  
finer grained monitoring control on device components such as:  
IpInterfaces, FileSystems, and HardDisks.

Project Home:

To download:

Release Notes:

Project Blurb:

Zenoss is a GPL licensed enterprise grade monitoring system that  
provides Inventory/Configuration, Event, Performance and Availability  
management in a single integrated package. It is written in Python  
using the Zope web application framework and Twisted network  
programming environment.  Zenoss is designed to be easy to use for a  
beginner yet flexible and powerful enough for the advanced user



Erik Dahl

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