[Twisted-Python] Re: [Twisted-commits] r17664 - This was pre-UQDS code, so in making the transition I have to add lots of docs

Pavel Pergamenshchik ppergame at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 15:45:56 EDT 2006

On 7/24/06, Jean-Paul Calderone <exarkun at divmod.com> wrote:
> I think the style prevalent throughout the unit tests is ideal:
>     """
>     Blah.
>     """
> This is the easiest to read.  It is unfortunate the emacs has such a hard
> time with this construct, but I think it is what we should adopt anyway.

I disagree. I don't think this style is a lot more readable, and it adds to
the line count. Extra lines make things not fit into a pageful, and it shows
-- our unit tests are a pain to scroll through.
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