[Twisted-Python] Can a Viewable be custom unjellied on the receiving end?

Steve Freitas sflist at ihonk.com
Sun Jul 23 05:17:59 EDT 2006


I'm using a pb.Viewable, and I'd like to send it to a client, using it
the way a Viewable typically would be used. However, on top of that, I
want it to be unjellied on the receiver's end as an instance of a
particular class of my own definition. However, using
pb.setUnjellyableForClass seems to be ignored in this case, and the
Viewable is arriving at the client as a vanilla RemoteReference.

Any way around that short of adding my custom class as a super to the
RemoteReference and calling its __init__() by hand?

Twisted 2.2.0 on Debian Sid.



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