[Twisted-Python] State of XMPP integration?

Andreas Jung lists at zopyx.com
Mon Jul 17 06:58:49 EDT 2006

--On 17. Juli 2006 11:19:26 +0200 Ralph Meijer <twisted at ralphm.ik.nu> wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 09:16:32AM +0200, Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we are looking into XMPP/JEP-60 to be used with Zope. Since Zope can use
>> Twisted on the server level I need to figure out what the current state
>> of  XMPP in Twisted is. I've also read about the Idavoll project
>> (supporting Jep-60 through Twisted). Anyone having some experience with
>> XMPP in Twisted?
> I'm the maintainer of the Jabber bits in Twisted, developer of Idavoll
> and JEP-0060 co-author. What is that you want to know?
> Cross-posting to twisted-jabber at ik.nu, might be good to continue over
> there.

Our use case is the following. With have heterogeneous apps (Windows based, 
Python based) that need to talk to each other. A Python/Zope app might 
provide an address book service that is used by some Windows application. 
The idea is to use XMPP as communication bus. The apps would register with 
a XMPP server and communicate through XMPP. Since almost all services are 
implemented on the Zope side it would make sense to integrate the XMPP
into Zope. The newest version of Zope can integrate Twisted as server 
(replacing ZServer). So the basic question (before performing implemenation
or deeper evaluation work) is: how  usable is the XMPP stuff in Twisted to 
be used as server component. I know that most Python XMPP solutions are 
client-side solutions and there is almost no stable XMPP server solution 
available for Zope. Is Twised(Words) the right road in this case?

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