[Twisted-Python] tcp error

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at unipex.it
Tue Jul 11 02:58:21 EDT 2006

Thomas Jacob wrote:
> Your line numbers don't seem to match my plain twisted 2.4.0's...

Ops, I was at 2.2 on my win machine, sorry.

> but the problem seems to occur on either of the last two lines of 
> generatePortCommand in twisted.protocols.ftp


> Maybe either your control connection is not opened correctly (or 
> already closed again), tcp.Port.socket only exists when the Port is 
> actually connected....

Can be, I think, the connection closed by my code: into it, I close
connection ( self._myClient.quit() ) when I receive an error
(addErrback), but I have a "callLater" that are always running, so when
called, it run the code that can generate that error.
I think that I have to control the "internal connection state" before
make a call to the ftp client. I'm right? Or is there a method for say
to twisted to don't make calls (with the ftp protocol) when it aren't

P.s. Now I'm switching to twisted 2.4 :)


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