[Twisted-Python] Insults, Can't write from connectionMade?

Mike Pelletier mike at mkp.ca
Sat Jul 8 11:55:55 EDT 2006

Hello, twisted Twisted coders.  I am trying to get familiarised with 
twisted.conch.insults.  I've run into some behaviour I cannot explain.  
Attached is a .tac including the following excerpt:

class MyTerminalProtocol(insults.TerminalProtocol):
    width = 80
    height = 24
    def connectionMade(self):
        self.terminalSize(self.width, self.height)
        self.terminal.write(" world\n")

    def terminalSize(self, width, height):
        self.width, self.height = width, height

When a connection is made, the screen is cleared and "Hello," is written, 
but " world\n" is not (or at least it never appears on the terminal).  Why 
is "world\n" not written?

Oddly (or perhaps revealingly for someone with more clues than me), when in a 
previous version I did not use TelnetTransport and TelnetBootstrapProtocol, I 
was able to write just fine from connectionMade.

TIA for a liberal and violent application of the clue stick.

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