[Twisted-Python] is it possible to have a (single) twisted client that

john peter neuzhoundxx at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 23:27:34 EST 2006

 makes more than one (say, three) connections to the same server instance?
  i was thinking of something like this: an 'ADD' connection that sends  new data items to the server for saving, an 'UPDATE' connection that  sends data update requests, and a 'DELETE' connection that sends data  deletion requests.  All three connections share DATA ID  information,  but should otherwise have "independent" existence so  that they can be configured to have different "behavioral" attributes;  that is, the ADD connection saves the data ids for items successfully  persisted to an 'in-memory' table for later lookups, and UPDATE and  DELETE requests can only be issued for DATA IDs known to be valid for  the "current" session (thus, the "in-memory" table lookups) and each  connection may have attributes such as "send" rates, etc.
  If this is possible, could someone please give me some pointers on what  twisted code to study/ look at?  thank you very much for your help!

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