[Twisted-Python] twistd question

Ross Jekel ross at sourcelabs.com
Tue Jan 24 13:19:27 EST 2006

Hello, I have a small design problem I'm trying to get my head around 
regarding twistd with respect to lauching worker subprocesses. 

I have a requirement for every process on my server to be able to 
communicate to an existing message queuing system. The interface to this 
message queuing system requires that all processes be a "server" so that 
they can receive async messages. I have that all working fine and have the 
interface to the external system wrapped up in a nice service, as it us 
helpful to get the startService and stopService calls for properly 
initializing and shutting down the session to the message queuing system. 

As I have a mixture of a few long running requests and many short running 
requests that could be sent to the main server process, I would like to 
design my main service such that it can handle the short requests directly 
and spawn other subprocessing to handle the long-running requests. 

Since each of those subprocessing needs to be connected to the message 
queue, I'd like to use twistd to run them and benefit from the application 
level abstractions for setting up the service. But I'm not entirely sure how 
to use twistd property when I may have multiple instances of the same .tac 
file running. Basically, I need to spawn worker subprocessing that during 
the time they are doing work are services so that they can communicate with 
the messaging subsystem. 

Does this make sense? Any thoughts on how it can be accomplished? 


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