[Twisted-Python] mixing a Cacheable and a Viewable

Forest Darling fdarling at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 15:35:43 EST 2006

I want to make a server side object that the client can access via a
RemoteCache, but also access view_ functions from the Cacheable via
.callRemote() This way a player can see an object based on its
perpective (like fog of war) and a player can also call server-side
methods for game actions (like to move a hero.)

from the server and remote classes trying to inherit both doesn't
work, so how do I do this? This kind of problem must have come up

Heres the link to my non-working partially done code, the Game,
Player, and Hero classes need to behave this way.

Heres a copy of my source, it needs Numeric, PyQt, and of course Twisted


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