[Twisted-Python] TwistedSumo-2005-11-06 on Debian Sarge

Brendan Simon Brendan at BrendanSimon.com
Mon Jan 9 06:36:54 EST 2006

twisted-python-request at twistedmatrix.com wrote:
>> Is there an easy way to get precompiled versions of Twisted for Debian
>> Sarge?
> Hi, Brendan,
> sorry, but this question is cute somehow - twisted is python - there's
> nothing to compile  - if you need *.deb sooo much, the latest version in
> unstable is 2.0.1-something, but it just can't be easier than
> downloading the latest 2.1 tarball and just setting the 
> PYTHONPATH=/path/to/twisted, i don't know exactly, but i think even the
> distutils ie. python setup.py install from the base dir should work,
> another possible way is to copy the /twisted dir into the site-packages
> one of your python installation manually. Please, do that, there's no
> need for debs, really !! :)
> Johann
I tried that but it doesn't seem to work.  I must be doing something wrong.
I uncompressed TwistedSumo-2005-11-06.tar.bz2 to /tmp.
Export PYTHONPATH=/tmp/TwistedSumo-2005-11-06
cd /tmp/TwistedSumo-2005-11-06/TwistedConch-0.6.0/doc/examples ; python 

It does not work :(  I got an error saying SimpleUserAuth instance has 
no attribute 'llastPublicKey'.  I edited thd script to not worry about 
the lastPublicKey and at least it runs.  I get the hostkey printed but 
that's it.  It does not ask me for a password or anything.

The same thing happens if I don't export the PYTHONPATH which makes me 
think I haven't done it correctly.  I even tried setting PYTHONPATH to 
each of the subdirectories within the TwistedSumo-2005-11-06 directory.

So, I was hoping someone could give me a quickset of instructions to 
unpack the archive, set the PYTHONPATH, and run the sshsimpleclient.py 
script connecting to the localhost.  I'm running python 2.3.5 on Debian 


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