[Twisted-Python] Up to date Debian packages

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Sun Jan 8 10:08:39 EST 2006

On 1/8/06 12:40 AM, Johann Borck wrote:
> Brendan Simon wrote:
>> I'm running Debian Sarge (ie. stable release).  The default
>> installation of python-twisted is 1.3.0-8.  I would like the latest
>> version, preferable 2.1.0.
>> From the twisted web pages, I was lead to believe that the following
>> site has the latest Debian snapshots, release-candidates and releases,
>> but the latest version I could find there was 1.2.0+1.3.0-1 (whatever
>> that means).
>>    http://twisted.sourceforge.net/debian
>> I've also checked http://backports.org/ but nobody has backported the
>> Sid version to Sarge.  I don't even know what the Sid version is as
>> the Debian packages page is not working at the moment.
>> Is there an easy way to get precompiled versions of Twisted for Debian
>> Sarge?
> Hi, Brendan,
> sorry, but this question is cute somehow - twisted is python - there's
> nothing to compile  - if you need *.deb sooo much, the latest version in
> unstable is 2.0.1-something, but it just can't be easier than
> downloading the latest 2.1 tarball and just setting the 
> PYTHONPATH=/path/to/twisted, i don't know exactly, but i think even the
> distutils ie. python setup.py install from the base dir should work,
> another possible way is to copy the /twisted dir into the site-packages
> one of your python installation manually. Please, do that, there's no
> need for debs, really !! :)

I'm new here, and don't want to offend anybody .. but I too use debian 
stable on my servers and would like to see some up to date debs for 
twisted. Having .debs is not about ease of installation. Yes, twisted 
(and most python apps) are dead easy to install. The point of having 
debs is about maintenance. If twisted (or any other application / 
library you use) is not using your package management system, then the 
onus is on you to check that vendor for updates and installing them by 
hand. If you've ever tried to maintain any reasonable number of 
production systems this is a real hassle.

My $0.02 (CAD even) ... and a +1 for twisted .debs :P
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