[Twisted-Python] help with deferreds??

john peter neuzhoundxx at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 3 10:42:27 EST 2006

  I've attached two files. What I'm trying to do is write some tests simulating devices talking (Netbios over TCP/IP) to a legacy app. The goal is to grow these test scripts into a Load/Stress Testing Framework. 
  The script I'm running is dd.py. The other file shows the really simple code for my protocol and factory classes.  Essentially, when I've made a TCP/IP connection, I send an RFC1001/1002-compliant Session Request Packet containing the level-1 encoded netbios names of the caller (client name) and callee (remote name). At this point, I'm really just trying to see if both connections can get a positive response.
  I've implemented a version of what I'm trying to do using the threading module, and I have not only been able to establish a Netbios session, but both my connections are
  able to converse with the server in a loop.
  With my initial attempt using Twisted, only one connection seems to succeed, and the other basically hangs.
  Thank you for any help. 

glyph at divmod.com wrote: 

On Thu, 2 Feb 2006 13:43:17 -0800 (PST), john peter wrote:
> i'm running twist on windows XP. any hypothesis regarding connection 2?

In the absence of any code, I'd have to say that your server is broken and the connection didn't get a response.

Perhaps you could write a small client/server pair and see if you still have the problem? If you do, you could submit a minimal example to the list.

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