[Twisted-Python] Simple PB Example

Koen Bok twisted at koen.nu
Mon Dec 25 11:56:05 EST 2006

Dear all,

Happy christmas!

I am trying to get the hang of Twisted and while the documentation is  
pretty clear I cannot figure out some basic things. I tried to build  
a little project to practise. I would love some hints, and I am not  
afraid to read.

Basically I want to write a simple server (Public Broker) which keeps  
a list of all connected clients. When one client sends a message to  
the server, I want the server to relay that message to other specific  
clients, but only those (yes basically an IM server).

So let's say I have a server and three clients:

server: Hello, I am here!
client #1: Yep, me too can I connect, I'm a girl?
server: Sure, I'll add you to my clients list!
client #2: Can I go too, I'm a guy?
server: Yep, you are client number two on my list...
client #3: Me too, me too, I am a guy!
server: Fine, but now let's do some stuff...
client #2: Server, can you please tell all clients that are girls  
that I'd like to see em after this session?
server: Let's find out who are female clients in my list and send  
them the message. Consider it done!
client #1: Thanks for the message, I'll see if I have time...

In the end client #2 would date client #1...
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