[Twisted-Python] NAPTR and some dns.py import issue

Andy Leszczynski leszczynscy at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 8 21:05:53 EST 2006


There was a recent discussion: FWIW - I have a patch to dns.py with NAPTR implemented but it is a very hackish solution: I mean it serves very specific application and works fine and basis are there. 

I also faced the issue with the twisted/names/dns.py - specifically with "from twisted.python import components". Since I did not want to overwrite the  twisted/names/dns.py, I just took it, renamed and applied NAPTR patch, saved in my app directory and import it now under new name. Surprisingly it did want to import so in order to fix the problem I had to replace "from twisted.python import components" with  "from zope.interface import interface" and

    class IRecord(components.Interface):

    class IEncodable(components.Interface):

    class IRecord(interface.Interface):

    class IEncodable(interface.Interface):

This is what I have - I would be interested in Twisted supporting NAPTR - let me know if I can participate.

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When all you have is XML, every problem looks like a markup :-).

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