[Twisted-Python] win32 now an officially supported platform

bear bear42 at code-bear.com
Wed Apr 19 10:36:28 EDT 2006

I have upgraded the buildslaves to Twisted SVN Trunk (rev 16635)

glyph at divmod.com wrote:
> As of r16628, 'trial twisted' on a stock win32 twisted installation 
> will actually succeed and give you a PASSED at the end of it.
> I went to a lot of trouble to get things into this state, so I would 
> appreciate it if everyone could keep it this way.
> More accurately: I will personally revert any changes that cause real 
> failures on win32.  I say "real" failures because (as the buildbot 
> history immediately following this commit amply shows) the win32 
> buildbot itself seems kind of flaky; some of this may have to do with 
> the slave itself running a released version of Twisted, I'm not sure.  
> Any other buildbot enforcers / reviewers should be aware that it fails 
> intermittently and give it a few chances to build to make sure the 
> failure is legitimate, especially if the failure is a timeout or a 
> buildbot disconnect.
> Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who provided me with help, 
> reviews, commentary, and test fixes to get to this state, especially 
> jerub, exarkun, foom, and jml.
> Now, let's get a new release out so we can upgrade that buildbot :).
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