[Twisted-Python] .tap and twistd and persistence

Mike Pelletier mike at mkp.ca
Mon Apr 17 12:53:29 EDT 2006

On Monday 17 April 2006 12:34, Matt Feifarek wrote:
> The docs are quite clear about using application objects and making your
> code into a twisted 'plugin' rather than simply poking at the reactor (as
> in some of the quick-n-dirty tutorials).

Looks like someone's slightly ahead of or behind you.  The mktap howto at:


now reads:

  This document does not describe current Twisted best practice. The progress
  of this document is currently being tracked in issue 1139.

The docs also suggest:

  The majority of users will use the .tac Python configuration files without
  needing to use the mktap serialization.

This is certainly my preferred method, and I think that of most developers.  I 
believe mktap was merely an attempt to expose the same functionality with 
higher-level tools.  But take it with a grain of salt; I'm far, far from the 
inner circle.  I'm just regurgitating lore I've picked up from this list to 
help conserve the attention of the wizards.

> So, if the docs tell us that this way is the way to use twisted, and
> they're wrong, where do we go to learn how to use twisted?

Never hurts to ask the list, just as you've done.  I think it's likely your 
questions have already resulted in attempts to improve the situation.


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