[Twisted-Python] PB v XMLRPC v CORBA v SOAP

Eugene Coetzee projects at reedflute.com
Mon Apr 10 08:12:38 EDT 2006

Tristan Seligmann wrote:

>I would recommend transferring plain custom XML documents over HTTP,
>rather than introducing an extra layer of pain with SOAP or XML-RPC.
>>Also, it would be nice if I could use any transport mechanism to send 
>>the commands.  eg. http, https, ssh, rsh.  Can Twisted be used to 
>>provide such a generic transport mechanism?  If not would, SOAP or 
>>XMLRPC be better choices, or is the question of transport irrelevant.
>I believe SOAP and XML-RPC are only defined over HTTP (including https,
>because that's more or less an extra layer underneath it). I'm not sure
>there's any value in transmitting SOAP/XML-RPC XML documents over
>something like ssh.
For a more formal approach to "XML documents over HTTP" doing in a sane 
fashion what SOAP/XML-RPC wants to achieve:


With Twisted you can easily roll your own RESTive interface.


Eugene Coetzee

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