[Twisted-Python] PB v XMLRPC v CORBA v SOAP

Oliver Scheel os at webinspace.de
Mon Apr 10 08:09:27 EDT 2006


> Reading some Python books, suggested  technologies are Twisted's 
> Perspective Broker, XMLRPC, CORBA and also SOAP is mentioned.
> CORBA seems like overkill for my simple server.
> SOAP I don't know enough about yet.
> XMLRPC seems very appropriate.
> PB seems easy enough too.

I was exactly in the same situation last month :-)

My thoughts:

CORBA ist quite nice, wide spreaded, but more work to implement.

PB ist quite nice, at least twisted only spreaded, but easy to implement.

XML-RPC is included with Python. SOAP is much better the way data types and other things are handled, but not part of Python. Both are easy to use. Twisted favour is SOAPpy and that is build the (pythonic) way like "xmlrpclib".

I use both, but I built the services and the clients that way, that I can change between XML-RPC and SOAP. I need XML-RPC, because one service is located on a Windows 98 machine and I want to reduce complexity out there :-)


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