[Twisted-Python] Re: GUI responsiveness

Jasper jasper at peak.org
Fri Sep 16 10:22:46 EDT 2005

glyph at divmod.com wrote:

>>> Is there going to be any facility, in newpb, for splitting up
>>> (de)serialization in small chunks?
> As warner said, "yes".


>> Yes, PB (de)serialization seems to be where I get responsiveness 
>> burps too. I can split up large processing chunks of my own (probably 
>> along the line of JP's Cooperator), but I don't see how to readily do 
>> that to delays that are internal to Twisted, without maintaining my 
>> own version or shunting all networking into a seperate thread (which 
>> I'm loath to do).
> "shunting all networking into a separate thread" will certainly not 
> work, since all of the APIs that jelly calls are not thread-safe.  So 
> you can rest easy in the knowledge that what you want to do is not 
> only disgusting, it's impossible :).
> However, the problem here is that certain code in Twisted is not as 
> awesome as it possibly could be.  While I agree this is sad, there 
> isn't really a solution, except "make it more awesome", which takes 
> time, money, and effort, which nobody is contributing beyond an 
> individual scale.
> PB has been effectively unmaintained for almost 2 years now.  It is 
> showing its age.  NewPB will fix several issues, but until someone 
> wants to give Mr. Warner a staff and a budget for improving it, it's 
> likely that it will have some ugly spots too.
> In other words, you don't have to maintain your own version.  You just 
> have to maintain the one in Twisted ;-).

I had thought about this, but I'm pretty strapped for time as my startup 
is self funded.  Plus, it's not exactly like I can just walk into your 
SVN repository and start hacking. ;-)

On the other hand, for all the free mileage I've gotten out of Twisted I 
do owe you guys a certain debt!  Perhaps I could help out on NewPB, 
especially since I could really use the Slicer code Brian was talking 
about.  However, I'm in a bit of an awkward spot to do so right now 
though, as I'm not yet using Twisted 2.0 and my project isn't at a good 
point to upgrade libaries.  Still, I've got to upgrade sometime...

Is there a good place to read more about NewPB?  Or is it just a matter 
of searching the maillist archives and SVN repository?


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