[Twisted-Python] Re: GUI responsiveness

Jasper jasper at peak.org
Thu Sep 15 13:51:11 EDT 2005

Nicola Larosa wrote:

>>Worse, I don't see a satisfactory way to deal
>>with the problem if it stems from some internal bit of Twisted taking
>>too big of a time slice.
>Two noticeable cases of that are (de)serialization in PB and in XML-RPC code.
>Is there going to be any facility, in newpb, for splitting up
>(de)serialization in small chunks?
Yes, PB (de)serialization seems to be where I get responsiveness burps 
too.  I can split up large processing chunks of my own (probably along 
the line of JP's Cooperator), but I don't see how to readily do that to 
delays that are internal to Twisted, without maintaining my own version 
or shunting all networking into a seperate thread (which I'm loath to do).


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