[Twisted-Python] Re: GUI responsiveness

Jasper jasper at peak.org
Wed Sep 14 17:15:52 EDT 2005

Bob Ippolito wrote:

> On Sep 14, 2005, at 1:03 PM, Ed Suominen wrote:
>> I've been following this discussion with some interest because I'm
>> starting a new project that will be heavily centered around both
>> MySQL-based persistency  and a graphically demanding GUI.  I took a  
>> look
>> at wxPython but was somewhat turned off by the complication of
>> integrating it with Twisted, which I'm using to do top-level  
>> dispatching
>> of time-consuming stuff in threads and in separate processes, and to
>> perform networking when that functionality inevitably winds up getting
>> added to the application.
> This is exactly the sort of application that threadedselectreactor is  
> for.  The integration is neither hard, complicated, nor slow.

Hmmm.  Perhaps I glanced over threadedselectreactor too quickly, since 
all the discussion seemed to be about wxPython (which I'm not using).  
However, casting about through the archives, I haven't really found a 
good description of threadedselectreactor...

What's it actually do?  Just allow you to integrate 2 loops in a 
slightly nicer fashion?  I integrated my pygame+pyui loop with twisted's 
default reactor using 5 simple lines of code, so I'm not seeing much 
room for gain there...  Does threadedselectreactor do more, like address 
GUI responsiveness?

Or more to the point, is there a concise overview somewhere?


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