[Twisted-Python] Welcome (and some questions)

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl
Sat Sep 10 18:37:19 EDT 2005

As it is my first post to the list, I would like to make 
thanks to all the people who created twisted. Great 
framework with many useful features. Thank you very much.

I have also some questions, thanks in advance for any hints.

1) Which logging method is recommended for twisted 
applications? Python logging package? Some method present in 
twisted itself? Something else?

2) What database access method is recommended? If I 
understand correctly it would be good idea to execute 
database access code in many short steps, deferring from 
time to time. Which database API support this way best, are 
there any code examples available?

3) So far I code using 'low level twisted' and run my 
application as standalone python script. I understand that 
it is recommended to migrate to 'application/service' API 
and use twistd to run application. Unfortunately I find it 
difficult to fully understand documentation on this subject, 
probably partially because my  application is not TCP/IP 
server, but rather TCP/IP client (in fact it is some kind of 
bot using telnet connection to game server). Does it make 
sense to use application and service concept in such 
situation? If so, how could the code look like? Currently my 
'main' code looks so:

     reactor.connectTCP(HOST, PORT, MyFactory(...))

4) Is twisted documentation available anywhere in the form 
of MsHelp file (I saw a lot of Python documentation 
converted this way, it is nice as one can easily find 
information by text search)?

5) Does there exist example of twisted application with 
wxpython GUI?

6) And in general, are there any twisted documentation 
sources (tutorials, examples, whatever) apart from those 
distributed from twistedmatrix.com?

         Best regards

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