[Twisted-Python] Twisted Virtual Sprint

Christopher Armstrong radeex at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 04:40:27 EDT 2005

On 9/5/05, Mary Gardiner <mary-twisted at puzzling.org> wrote:
> We're going to try for the first one sometime in October. People
> interested in a particular weekend should let me know, likewise people
> interested in a particular topic. Otherwise sit back and expect an
> announcement in a week or so.

Topics that I want to work on, just spur-of-the-moment ideas:
  - Inventing a way in Python to allow defgen and the like to be able
to raise informative tracebacks (involves hacking CPython or at least
writing an extension module). Assuming I haven't done it by then.
  - prose hacking on the howtos (ahem, guide)
  - Helping someone improve some protocol code might be fun (as long
as it isn't FTP ;)
  - Watching in wonder as exarkun causes a small tornado with his fingers
  - Imagination, anyone?

Topics that I bet other people will want to work on (a mixture of
wishful thinking and past experience):
  - VFS
  - trial
  - documentation
  - web2

And as for date, I'm _probably_ good any weekend in October.

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