[Twisted-Python] Speaking of defgen

Christopher Armstrong radeex at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 03:51:01 EDT 2005

I've just implemented a tiny module for integrating with PEP 342[1]
generators. It's called newdefgen.py and it's available in my
sandbox[2]. A bit more information is available on my blog[3]. Of
course, it requires CVS Python as that is the only place where PEP 342
is currently implemented, but it'll be in Python 2.5, whenever that's

Have fun!

1: http://python.org/peps/pep-0342.html
2: http://svn.twistedmatrix.com/cvs/sandbox/radix/newdefgen.py?view=markup&rev=14348
3: http://radix.twistedmatrix.com/archives/000114.html

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