[Twisted-Python] Newbie question - simpleclient.py crashes

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Sun Oct 30 03:21:34 EST 2005

On Sun, 30 Oct 2005 09:50:31 +0200, Frank Millman <frank at chagford.com> wrote:
>Hi all,

Hi Frank!

>I have just started looking at Twisted. I thought I would start by working
>my way through the examples. The first one I tried crashed on me! I can
>patch it to get it to work, but I would rather learn the exact reason for
>the crash, and the correct way to fix it.

I believe you have spotted a rather serious bug.  Can you add this to the tracker <http://www.twistedmatrix.com/bugs> for further discussion and fixing?


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