[Twisted-Python] How to force synchronous behavior

Clive Crous clive at darkarts.co.za
Sat Oct 29 17:40:47 EDT 2005

# Clive Crous wrote:
#> I agree, callbacks are ugly, python 2.5 will be great :D
# What will make Python 2.5 better? I'm looking over PEPs now. PEP 342
# looks amazing. I don't see a "Python-Version: 2.5" there, though. Is it
# expected to make it into 2.5? When might it actually get used in
# Twisted, given its policy of supporting old Python version? (I saw the
# recent debate on dropping Python 2.2 support.)

My appologies, i did in fact mean pep342, it somehow got into my head as
'2.5 fact'. Whether it makes it into twisted or not is irrelivant, i will
use it nonetheless ;)

Clive Crous

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