[Twisted-Python] svn-reorg blocking

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Tue Oct 25 22:25:08 EDT 2005

On Oct 25, 2005, at 9:01 PM, Christopher Armstrong wrote:
> I really want to get svn-reorg finished up, because lots of people
> really want me to release Twisted sumo, and releasing sumo without
> svn-reorg is going to be very scary. Unfortunately, there's something
> blocking svn-reorg's merge: We haven't figured out a way to get the
> test suite to actually run with it.

I did, and even implemented it. IMO it's the only sensible thing that  
can be done for this situation. I speak, of course, of using an  
attribute on the package to let trial know which subpackages do not  
contain any tests. It is simple, it works. What more do you want?  
Even if we do some horrible hack to serialport/iocpreactor such that  
that such an attribute is not required for twisted, it'll likely be  
required for someone else's code.

Things that aren't better ways:
- moving around serialport code for the benefit of trial and to the  
detriment of itself.
- making the serialport module be not a module and instead be some  
lazy import thingamajig.

I do not see that having a package that cannot be imported is in any  
way worse than having a module which cannot be imported, except for  
this issue with trial. Thus, a way to specifically tell trial not to  
care is really all that's necessary. I urge you to not block the svn- 
reorg on finding a mystical better way. Instead, block upon having  
test cases for the trial changes that I have already made.


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