[Twisted-Python] Twisted - SQLite and SQLObject

Jim McCoy jim.mccoy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 13:29:49 EDT 2005

If you are going to use sqlite/sqlobject as an embedded db (as the
original poster suggested) then you are probably better off just
writing your own deferred wrapper for your sql ops.  Treat your db
access (at least your select/set/update ops on your SQLObject schema
classes) as you would any other blocking operation; if your db is not
huge you can probably be more productive by applying twisted to other
parts of your application.

Since you are using sqlite as an embedded db you are not going to get
any benefit from the connection marshalling and threading that seems
to be t.enterprise.adbapi's raison d'etre.  Rather than digging into
the adbapi docs or looking at axiom you would probably be better
served by just building a wrapper around your db that returns
deferred's for the various db CRUD operations.


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