[Twisted-Python] Life cycle of ApplicationServices

Eric Basley eric.basley at dexia-securities.fr
Tue Oct 25 09:03:31 EDT 2005

I'm writting a FIX (Financial Information Exchange) application with 
Twisted with the target to compete with quickfix. I'm very close,  
everything is perfect except the way to control life cycle of services.
Let's take an example :
The FIX main application is an engine able to manage many FIX sessions 
and is controled by web services. A session may act as a TCP server or 
client. Sessions have starting time and stopping time. For a client 
session I'm using a protocol.ReconnectingClientFactory. With 
Twisted-2.0.1 there is no way to stop properly a service and there  is 
no way to destroy  (factory, protocol, connector, ...) associated to the 
Does someone have solutions about clean life cycle management ?
eric basley

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