[Twisted-Python] Solved? Or Not? testing my application

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl
Sat Oct 22 17:24:44 EDT 2005

>> Confusing part is that start method doc tells:
>>            If you are using the reactor normally, this function
>>            does *not* need to be called.
>> So it seems trial is *not* using reactor 'normally' - whatever
>> does it mean.
> Indeed.  Hopefully this will be rectified at some future point, but it 
> is difficult to fix for now, due to the way the vast majority of 
> existing tests
> are written, along with the desire to retain backwards compatibility.

Maybe documentation could be slightly patched instead? Some sentence 
suggesting that one should call 'start' method if the application seem 
to hang could be added to the adbapi description... I must say (and you 
can see on this list ;-)) that for novice twisted programmer like me the 
whole thing was very confusing.

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