[Twisted-Python] testing my application

Marcin Kasperski Marcin.Kasperski at softax.com.pl
Sat Oct 22 17:20:59 EDT 2005

> Just so you know, and in case anyone reading isn't familiar with it, 
> trial has a debug mode.  If you pass the -b flag, it will 
> automatically set up pdb, plus a couple other Twisted-specific 
> features that come in fairly handy.  twistd also supports this, 
> letting you break into pdb at any point while the app is running, and 
> also stopping for unhandled errors.

I found it, but for not-so-hardcore python programmer, pdb is not the 
tool of the dreams. GUI Debugger (for instance one included in WingIDE 
or in Komodo or in Eric or ... is far more useful ....). And to use one 
it is necessary to start script within the debugger control, not to 
start debugger from trial.

And, as I started to talk about GUIs, it would be also nice to run 
unittests under GUI control (I love eric3-unittest - using it even when 
I am not using eric environment itself).

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