[Twisted-Python] Stability of the IOCP Reactor

Justin Johnson justinjohnson at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 12:05:07 EDT 2005

I won't be able to look at it for a while, but will you submit a bug
recording the details of this problem and assign it to me (justinj)?

 On 10/18/05, Patrick Lauber <digi at treepy.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running a server with the IOCP reactor because I need a lot of
> concurent connections. If i use the default reactor the program is
> running for weeks withouth any problems. When i switched to IOCP the
> program seams not to accept any new connections after some hours or a
> day, the old seam to hold. I am not sure if the socket is closed or if
> the new connection don't spawn a new protocol instance anymore...
> any idea of what this could be?
> cheers
> pat
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