[Twisted-Python] correct way to disconnect a pb connection?

Tobias Sargeant toby at permuted.net
Thu Oct 13 02:51:29 EDT 2005


Is there a correct way to disconnect a pb client? all the examples seem
to call reacctor.stop() which is not what I want. Calling
broker.transport.loseConnection() seems clean on the client side, but
on the server side I see lots of these:

2005/10/13 16:47 EST [ControldServerConnection,0,] 
connection lost <Q.controld.controld.ControldServerConnection instance 
at 0x102cd78> [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): 
twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost: Connection to the other side was 
lost in a non-clean fashion.

I've hunted through the source, but thus far haven't even been able to
ascertain where the exception is originally being raised.

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