[Twisted-Python] FTP server with credentials

Mayne, Peter peter.mayne at hp.com
Thu Oct 13 02:01:48 EDT 2005

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> You'll want to look at Twisted 2.1, it has a much improved FTP server
> backend (though the authentication part shouldn't be affected, IIRC).

Using 2.1 definitely makes things easier, I'm nearly there. I just have
to figure out how to return different status values for a STOR.

One thing I've noticed is when I 'BYE' from the FTP client, I don't get
a '221' line from the Twisted FTP server. With the command line client
it doesn't matter, but I'm using Python's ftplib, and quit() throws an
EOFError because it didn't read the closing line.

Is the lack of a closing '221' a generic Twisted problem, or something
I've broken?


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