[Twisted-Python] Subproject releases

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at divmod.com
Wed Oct 12 22:29:37 EDT 2005

Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> I am hella-+10-for-this,

Whoops!  Didn't read this before I wrote my last response :).

> as it would make the release process much
> much saner, but it's not going to be trivial. Has Divmod yet figured
> out how to have multiple top-level "twisted" directories without
> running a setup.py?

Basically yes, I think, but I will have to experiment to make sure my
*particular* __path__ hack works exactly as I expect it to.

> Initially, I tried to hack something together that
> munged twisted.__path__ (look that one up, if you don't know about it,
> it's way wonky) to include all the subproject twisted directories, but
> trial just totally hated that (I remember fighting with
> modulename->filename conversion, or vice versa). I can't remember if
> that was the only thing that held me back from that solution, but I'm
> definitely willing to take another whack at it. Especially now that
> trial is massively cleaned up and I live with its maintainer ;)

Hmm.  Trial interaction is something I haven't messed with yet; I
haven't put trial directory below a __path__ entry.

Arguably this is simply a bug in Trial that should be fixed, though.

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